Menu for Change

Raise your fork against climate change!


Let's promote ingredients that are sustainable, biodiverse and respectful of the planet – and tasty!

How can we fight climate change in the kitchen?
The answer is simple:
by choosing food grown sustainably, food that would otherwise go to waste, food that represents the enormous heritage of agricultural biodiversity which small-scale farmers preserve.


Here’s how you can participate!

Define a climate-friendly menu for your area

ad esempio, usa come ingredienti prodotti dell’Arca del Gusto o dei Presìdi, cucina i tagli di carne meno utilizzati, inventa ricette con gli avanzi per evitare gli sprechi!

Get in touch with other chefs

spread the word about the initiative and join forces to promote a Menu for Change

Organize educational activities

Build alliances

with other associations/organisations committed to the issue

If you have a restaurant, invent a dish

for the campaign and dedicate the proceeds to Slow Food projects

Organize visits to farmers and food producers

in your area: by coming into first-hand contact with the people that make our food, we get a better understanding of the impact of climate change and what we can do about it

Involve farmers and food producers in a dinner

give them a platform to explain their work and how we can grow food without exacerbating climate change

Eat it raw

prepare a raw meal and save energy!

Do a Meatless Monday

Cut out meat one day a week!